Shoes have always played a part in the life of Scott Woldruff, owner of Woldruff's Footwear. He can't remember a time he has not been around shoes. His father, Russ Woldruff, opened a shoe store in Ames, Iowa in 1950. His father's store was dedicated to meeting the needs of each customer from near and far. Scott was just five when his father allowed him to play down around the store, and hide and seek was the game of choice in and amongst the boxes. Scott loved being around the store, and by 14 had convinced his father to allow him to work on the sales floor. Scott watched as his father measured the foot of each customer and sought out the correct pair that fit, his father would then fit the shoe on the customer and tie their laces. Woldruff's Footwear would offer the same great service Scott's father had.
Those early days of being in retail on his own were sometimes difficult and not always rosy, but previous experience made it easier. In the end, it took hard work and devotion, and still does. When Scott was looking for a change, a friend suggested a move to Goshen, and in 1992 Woldruff's Footwear opened in Goshen on the east side of Main Street. The store flourished and became popular. Woldruff's mission was and is simple: provide the high-quality, comfortable footwear people need through great customer service. Few stores offer the service Woldruff's promises. In 2005 Scott and Judy purchased a storefront directly across the street from their previous location which gave them the opportunity to grow, and in the fall of 2009 Judy launched an apparel and accessories department. At that time the name was also changed to Woldruff's Footwear & Apparel. When it comes down to it, Scott and Judy agree that owning their store is more than a job because of the friendships and relationships they have made along the way. They especially appreciate their customers, some who have been with them since day one.